Thursday, 16 October 2014


Dana from The Starfish Studio gifted me with this lovely autumn themed banner a few weeks ago.  I love the little details...sweet buttons, a maple leaf, a's a keepsake designed to a picture-perfect T, and uniquely me!  Thank you Dana!  It fits right in with my simple dining room decor; the duck decoys, handmade by my Dad, and my small, but growing collection of ironstone pitchers. Dana lives a creative life on an idyllic island in Washington's Pacific Northwest.  Her darling cottage has breath-catching water views, and so it's no surprise that her whimsical creations are not only inspired by the sea, but are often crafted from treasures found on the beach itself. I always feel refreshed and inspired after visiting her blog.

Things are decidedly fall-like here...Canadians across the country celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend.  We, the mister and I, hosted dinner as we often do.  We are contentedly non adventurous when it comes to our holiday meal planning...most of my recipes are slightly tattered, if not visibly spattered with pumpkin or dusted with flour. The lovely carnations, below, were a gift from a friend. Thank you Shirley!

I'm in the throes of switching out summer dresses, flips flops and straw bags for woollies and wellies.  Not all is getting packed away though. I just finished sewing a maxi sundress and there's hope for a warm weather winter holiday. Here's a brief seems silly to model what is obviously a summer dress while raindrops are dancing against the window panes.  But don't worry, I will definitely show you the dress in all it's maximum glory...just not for a while yet.

I'm more than a little in love with these labels, gifted to me by Tasia from Sewaholic. They add such a sweet, personal touch to my me-made garments.

I've discovered that my winter wardrobe is seriously lacking in gingham, polka dots, and all things colourful....sigh....but I did get a little giddy when I was reunited with my Minnetonka booties.

And on my sewing table?  This colourful fabric is all a twitter and anxious to be sewn...

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Thursday, 2 October 2014


A Colourful Canvas, La Mia Boutique 09/2014, DYT Type One

A Colourful Canvas, La Mia Boutique 09/2014, DYT Type One

Hey peeps.  I've been road tripping since I saw you last.  The mister and I enjoyed a gloriously sunny long weekend in The Okanagan Valley.  We toured some vineyards tasting rooms, dined al fresco, and had a lovely little holiday. Ah, a glass of wine, a good book, and sunshine...bliss for us both. know how it is when your brain locks onto something that's not necessarily the right thing? Tell me you do. It could be a name of a colleague, or the pronunciation of a word, or an answer in a crossword.  Okay, okay, you know how I poke along with The New York Times weekend crossword. Well, this one clue had my brain's database locked on the wrong answer. The clue went like this...Modern-day capital that King David ordered besieged..A five letter word that begins with A and ends with N...well, duh, AKRON, Ohio.  What? Not a capital city? Hmmmm...and yes I do see...there is that pesky business about King David ordering it besieged. Probably did not happen in the good 'ol US of A. Yet could I get Akron (Ohio) out of my mind? Nuh-uh. Finally, after solving another word resulting in a letter M, my brain shifted gears and told me Amman, (and lest you think I'm smart; if you've done ten or more NY Times crossword puzzles, you've had Amman as an answer at least twice.)  Anyhoo, this all led to much pondering of the magical workings of the human brain, and...TA locking my keys in my car today. Seriously? Yep! Now, let's move on, shall we...

My shirt today is a me-made.  It's definitely beginning to feel like fall here in Vancouver, and although I'm not ready for bulky layers, long sleeves and covered tootsies are welcome.  When I met with Silvia from Sewing Princess, she very generously gave me a copy of the September issue of La Mia Boutique. It's an Italian sewing magazine, complete with stylish patterns, it is Italian after all.  And it is in Italian. Yup! Limited instructions, all in Italian, a language of which I have zero skills...unless words like ravioli, it's cousins, and vino qualify. Now, I'm like a lot of you...I barely glance at the instructions included in my patterns, but weirdly, I was suddenly feeling like I was flying without a net.  So...I chose to sew a shirt, a camicia, partly because I figured I could sew a shirt without instructions; but mostly because I was drawn to the unique front placket on this pattern.  No buttons, no zipper. BONUS, sez me.  Of course, as things will go, it was the front placket that had me the most puzzled. But I did it! And I love the results! I used two fabrics from my stash, and I got a little creative with pattern mixing!  In these photos I have the shirt un-tucked,but the fabrication is light enough that I can easily tuck my top into jeans. Thanks Silvia, for nudging me out of my comfort zone.  It was fun, (and a good brain exercise). Look here on Silvia's blog for a better photo of the pattern I used.  It's the Chevron striped shirt, and very Euro-chic. My version is quite different. I think it's a good example of how you really can make things your own when you sew.

Shirt : : Me-Made, La Mia Boutique September 2014 Issue
Jeggings : : Laura Petites, thrifted
Boots : : Aldo
Bracelets/Earrings : : Me-Made

(That's me on THE best patio in the Okanagan, Bench 1775 Winery.)  

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


A Colourful Canvas, Sewaholic, Cambie Dress
A Colourful Canvas, Sewaholic, Cambie Dress

A Colourful Canvas, Sewaholic, Cambie Dress, DYT Type One

Hi everyone! Let's jump right into today's post. This past weekend was some kind of special!  I met two lovely sewing bloggers on Saturday...Silvia from Sewing Princess and Tasia from Sewaholic. Silvia has been touring Canada and Vancouver was her last stop before returning home to Italy.   She wanted to visit with Tasia as well as myself, and I suggested that the three of us get together. Tasia and Silvia, who have known each other for a long time, are both so warm and friendly. I felt plain lucky to have been able to sit down and visit with them both.  We met at a local Starbucks and fell easily into conversation. Lots of chat about sewing and blogging and travel. After our cups were empty, we headed up to Tasia's office for the real fun!  Now, some of my lovely readers may not know this, but Tasia is at the helm of her own sewing pattern business! Whaaaatttt? Yes, it's true! She designs, drafts, prints and sells patterns, with a specific emphasis on designing for the pear shaped woman.  So, needless to say, her office was a Pandora's box for Silvia and I. And when Tasia opened her samples bin, things got downright giddy.  It's not's not any day...that you can try on a garment made by the designer herself. {{{sigh}}} It was so much fun.  Thanks bunches to you both for such a lovely morning. 

I'm sure it's no surprise that I chose to wear one of Tasia's designs.  Yep!  I got busy sewing my Cambie Dress as soon as I learned we were to meet.  It was a breeze to sew. The instructions were very clear and she includes the steps to sewing in the dress lining.  I'm really happy with the fit. I took in the neckline a little bit to prevent any gaping, and shortened the bodice 1", but otherwise no alterations.  I know, I know, I usually make several pattern tweaks, but I really wanted to honor Tasia's vision. And besides, my two must-do alterations, adding pockets and a lining, are standard for the Cambie Dress. I'll definitely be using the skirt pattern for future makes.  Do you notice the pocket position? The skirt side seams sit slightly forward and towards the center front of the garment. The pockets are in those seams, and the placement feels really natural. And...since we're having a real close looky-loo at those seams, I'm gonna tell you that matching those chevron stripes was like, like...I have no not. easy.

After our visit, the mister and I headed on down to Cambie Village for a stroll and lunch. Tasia names her patterns after local neighbourhoods in and around Vancouver.  I thought it was pretty cool that some of the street banners had dress forms on them!  Hello! I wanted to take more photos, but unfortunately our camera refused.  Battery. down. and. out. Fortunately, the mister's phone takes a pretty decent photograph!  After we got home, we charged the battery and snapped a few extra outfit photos.  Looking back, I actually like my turquoise flats with this dress. Yay! I also can no longer deny that fall is in the air.  My plan is to style my Cambie Dress with a denim jacket, tights and boots when we get those first chilly days.

Okay, I promised minimal words, and here I am penning a novel...I'm nothing if not consistent...but on Sunday we saw Elton John in concert, and that was a very memorable concert for me.  Hanging out with over 18,000 people, most of us over fifty, {and boy was that a raucous train ride home, not}, being familiar with every song, and eating nearly confiscated banana bread...does it get any better than that? I think not...

Sorry for the odd photo Elton! We love you!

***Edit: Taking a cue from Dana, Connie and Curtise! Bonus points for working an Elton John song into your comment!***
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Dress : : Me-Made, Sewaholic Cambie
Tote Bag : : Thrifted, Lilly Pulitzer